Die Hamletmaschine

April 2015 – NYC. Heiner Müller’s Post Modern Masterpiece A unique production with live improvised music by RMA Performed in the original German


Paul Boche as Hamlet/ Hamletdarsteller

Paul Boche - Hamlet

Paul Boche is a bi-lingual German actor who recently completed his training at the  prestigious Lee Strasbourg Theatre & Film Institute, in New York City. Paul is originally from the former East Germany, as was the author. He has led a successful and high profile career as a fashion model, since c. 2007. Paul also leads an experimental rock music band in Japan. He will be appearing in a movie about Rainer Maria Rilke and Augusta Rodin, in which he plays the part of Rilke.

Veronica Nolte as Ophelia

Veronica Nolte - Ophelia

Veronica Nolte (Ophelia) attended the New York Film Academy, Accademia Teatrale di Roma, Centro Teatro Attivo and Quelli di Grock. She has appeared in numerous theatrical productions including Dog Sees God, Our Class, Othello: The Panther, and Love And Human Remains, and films such as How To Kill My Boyfriend, Lost Soul, Trojan, and Noicanigami.

Dominik Eisenschmidt as The Narrator

Dominik Eisenschmidt - Narrator

Dominik Eisenschmidt (the Narrator) was born in Düsseldorf, Germany on March 6th 1986. After several small productions in high school, he became a member of the youth ensemble of the Junges Schauspielhaus in Düsseldorf at 16. There he appeared in monthly improvisation shows, as well as in produced plays. In 2006, after touring three major cities in the state of North Rhine Westphalia with Tratsch im Treppenhaus, Dominik was cast in the sketch comedy TV show Geile Zeit on RTL network, which later was nominated for the International Emmy Award 2008 in the category comedy. After further engagements in German TV, Dominik moved to the US to pursue his bachelor degree in drama at Bennington college, from which he graduated in 2013. In New York he played roles like Lord Capulet in Romeo and Juliet: Occupy Verona, and Baron Tuzenbach in Three Sisters.

Music by RMA

RMA Portrait

RMA is a music collective that focuses on improvisation, currently comprising Bob Ross on bass/electronics, Alexy Artemov on percussion/guitar/electronics, and Tim Mukherjee on guitar/electronics. RMA is based in New York City. More information at rmatrio.com.

Bob Ross was a founding member of Debris, for which he will most assuredly rot in hell. He has played bass with Lisa Loeb, Steve Hunt, Skip Hadden, Thalia Zadek, Adam Sultan, Peri Lyons, Joe Niski, Steve Weisberg, Ken Winoker, Herb Robertson, ROVA Saxophone Quartet, Rock Savage, and Andrew Essex, most of whom will deny it vehemently. He holds a Masters Degree from the New England Conservatory, where he studied composition with Lee Hyla and Joe Maneri. They’ll probably deny that also.

Alexey Artemov is a percussionist and electronic musician. He is an ardent improviser and has worked with ensembles in the USA and abroad. Alexey’s most recent collaborations were recordings and performances with a butoh theater group in the Ukraine.

Tim Mukherjee is a composer and performer based in New York City. His compositions employ both acoustic instruments and electronics. He also has conducted operas, orchestras and vocal and instrumental ensembles and has worked with Jeff Lohn, Karole Armitage and Boston’s Dinosaur Annex and Composers in Red Sneakers.


Tim Mukherjee (bio above) is the Director and Co-producer.

Alexy Artemov (bio above) is the Co-producer and Visual Designer.

Jesse Freedman (Dramaturg) is a New York City based theater artist who collaborates  as a director, designer, performer, puppeteer and dramaturge.  Jesse has worked with Meta-Phys. Ed. (Co-founder with Bronwen Mullin), Target Margin,  The Anthropologists,  New Yiddish Rep.,  Black Box Studios, The Living Theater, Jewish Plays Project,  Eschatological Theater, Jewish Theater Workshop, Lang Arts and  Sanguine Theater Company.He has trained with the SITI Company and holds an MFA in Theater from Sarah Lawrence College.

Alessio Casalini (Sound Designer and Audio Engineer).

Dzmitry Tsumarau (Lighting Designer).

Astrid Brucker (Costume Designer) has designed costumes for numerous films and plays, including JOSHUA, starring Sam Rockwell and Vera Farmiga; MY BROTHER THE PIG, starring Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes; CHANGING HEARTS, starring Faye Dunaway; THE SCOUNDREL’S WIFE starring Tatum O’Neal and Tim Curry; and GETTING TO KNOW YOU, starring Zach Braff. She designed the plays IRENA’S VOW for the Broadway production and MARVIN’S ROOM, A TASTE OF HONEY, HURLYBURLY, and MURDER IN THE FIRST. See: www.AstridBrucker.com


Lorca Peress for her advice and guidance.

The staff at the Clemente Soto Velez Center for Culture and Education for their helpful accommodation and interest in the production.